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AFAB Flag Pole Plans

I would like to give credit for the design of this Flag Pole to my brother, Tom.  I recently moved to the country north of Phoenix, and have room to display a flag.  After the 911 attack I was sure it was something I wanted to do.  

I looked into buying a 20 foot Flag Pole and was taken back by the price.  Tom has had one up at his house for years.  I asked where he purchased it and he told me he had made it.  We talked about it and discussed how the original might be improved upon.  A few changes were made and I put mine up.  I have got to tell you, it is great.  I have had neighbors come by and tell me how much they like it and some have their own now.  My folks are Motor Home Travelers and they wanted one to take when they travel.  I built the Mobile AFAB Flag Pole for them.  It easily breaks down into 4 pieces and the mobile base for storage, and is a hit at the rallies they attend.  Take yours to rallies, the lake, camping, etc.  

Included in the AFAB Flag Pole Building Guide are plans for both poles, the permanent and mobile.  The permanent flag pole can be fabricated and installed using hand tools.  You will need wrenches, pliers, electric drill with drill bits, hacksaw, and a shovel to dig the hole (or a post hole digger).

The mobile flag pole stand requires welding.  If you do not have a steel cutoff saw have the steel yard make all the cuts for you.  This is not something you want to try with a hacksaw.  You will need a welder, stick or mig.  The AFAB Flag Pole Building Guide is set up in five sections.

1.    The materials and cutting list.

2.    Assembling the Permanent Flag Pole.

3.    Installation of the Permanent Base.

4.    Assembling the Mobile Flag Pole.

5.    Assembling the Mobile Base.  

It is a great and fun project and I am sure you will enjoy your Flag as much as I do mine.     

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