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"AFAB Hydraulic Press Building Guide"

There have been times when I really wanted a hydraulic press for my garage, but I did not have room for a full size hydraulic shop press. I also did not want to spend the money for one that I would not use that often.

I was thinking, I have a 4 ton bottle jack in my AFAB Motorcycle Lift that I built. And, I had some extra steel laying out back. I figured I could build a small press that would do most anything I needed to do. The pictures on this site are the result of my efforts and it works great.

So far I have used it remove and install the original stock cam gear on a new cam from Andrews that I have installed in my bike. I had been told the good mechanic's replace the cam gear with the stock one. With this change, you can reduce the chance of cam gear noise when you install a new cam. I have also found new cams from Internet Suppliers that are much cheaper without the cam gear installed. Check it out.

I also disassembled and reassembled the rear shocks on a friend's Heritage Classic softail so that we could install a lowering kit. You need a press to install a lowering kit on softails from 1989 to 2001. The AFAB Hydraulic Press makes it a snap.

I have also taken a regular shock apart for a 1977 Super Glide and replaced the adjustment piece on the bottom of the shock.

If you have access to a welder, a drill and a few hand tools, or have a buddy who does, you can build The AFAB Hydraulic Press. The press will fit under your workbench and save you money.

The AFAB Hydraulic Press Plans include instructions for Softail Shock disassembly, and how to change cam gears in Shovel and Evo style motors.

I've seen enough, take me to the How to Order Page.

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