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The new AFAB Motorcycle Drive on Table Lift.

It is easy to build using the 14 page building guide which includes materials list, complete instructions and a print of all the pieces you need to fabricate.  Powered by a standard automotive floor jack.  The one I used is from Harbor Freight, but any full size floor jack will work.  The frame work is angle iron, lift uprights are square tubing from the local steel yard.  The top and ramp are plywood.  You need to be able to weld, cut steel (chop saw will do) and drill holes.  

With the AFAB Motorcycle Table Lift you can raise your bike to the right working height for any job.  From a low of 8" to over 30" high.  It is wide (30") and long (8') enough to drive your bike right on and use standard tie downs to hold it in the E-Z Stand.

Put the adapter on the AFAB Table Lift and it is easy to move it from place to place.  Use the floor jack to lift and steer, the front casters make it easy to move in or out of the shop.   Move it over next to the wall and stand on it's side when you don't need it.

Remove the E-Z Stand and use it to hold your bike on the floor as a work stand.  Bolt the E-Z Stand any where to hold you bike, in a trailer or the back of your pickup.  Make additional E-Z Stands to use around the shop.  Use it on front or rear wheel.  

Add casters and you have E-Z Park.  Put it under the rear wheel and roll your bike in the corner or any other place you need to park it out of the way........Continue

I've seen enough, take me to the How to Order Page.

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