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Monte did a great job on his new AFAB Table Lift and writes - 

I ordered your motorcycle table lift plans (they were great) and built my lift. I changed a few things. Instead of the frame being made from angle iron, we used square tubing since we had an abundance of it. We also added a diamond plate decking, it sure makes it look nice. I also added a tire vice, it works very well, the white plastic on the inside helps to protect my white walls. The last thing was a removable pan below where the engine and transmission oil drains from a Harley. All I have to do is lift the lid, pull the plugs, put the lid back on and drive off. I just had to paint it in my favorite colors. I am going to add an air over hydraulic cylinder to allow me to use my air compressor vice the floor jack and a lift for the back wheel similar to one of your other customers did. Keep up the good work. 

p.s. The little guy is my favorite helper.

Here are the pictures of Monte's Lift.

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This is an additional note about the front wheel vice - We used 1 1/2 x 3" square tubing for the vice. The bottom pieces are 12' long and the upright pieces are 18" long. We cut a 55 degree angle on each of the pieces and welded them together. The right piece is stationary, we just welded it to a piece of 3 x 6 x 1/4" flat stock which was bolted down to the floor 4 1/2" from the centerline of the table. We also welded a support under the floor that we put the bolts through so that the diamond plate was not all that was holding the arm. On the left side we attached a 8 x 8 x 1/4 piece to the front frame to support the vice. The clamping portion is made exactly like the right side except it is not bolted to the table. To the vice we welded a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 9" long piece of square tubing. On the end of this piece we welded a nut that fit the 3/4" threaded rod that I will discuss in a moment. The other part is 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 10" square tubing with a cap welded on the end. Prior to welding the cap on, it is easiest if you drill the 13/16" hole. Now take a 8" piece of 3/4" treaded rod and weld a washer on it about 1/2" from the end, now insert it into the tubing and weld another washer on the outside. Next we took a piece of 1 1/2 X 4 x 1/4" flat iron and drilled a 3/4" hole in it a 1/2" from the end, this is then welded onto the treaded rod. the other end of this flat iron has a hole drilled in it with a handle attached, we used an extra handle from a drill. Once this whole assembly is together, you can position it on top of the 8 x 8" plate you bolted to the frame and weld it in place. I riveted some hard white plastic that I cut to shape to the insides of the arms to avoid scratching my whitewalls. On the front side of the stationary arm, we welded a piece of 2 3/4 x 5" angle iron for a front wheel stop. 


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