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Testimonials from AFAB Motorcycle Lift Builders

Ian from Highlands of Scotland -

I bought your bike lift plans back in October 1999 and built it a couple of weeks later.  You are perfectly correct when you say "you wonder how you ever got along without it!"  Thanks again!

Scott from NY -

The plans were laid out well, and easy to follow. I now own a heavy duty bike lift made right here in the USA!  I know I will get lots of use from this lift now that I have it, but I wish I had gotten the plans a few months ago.  I am giving thought to ordering the table lift plans too.  It looks as if I would get lots of use out of that as well.  Thanks again.

Ben from York, PA -

Thanks for the plans. I have included a couple of pics of my '94 ultra classic on the stand that I built. It is probably one of the more unique stands that you may ever see. I made it entirely out of 306 grade stainless steel. It's a little heavy, but I never have to worry about it rusting. I did add a different kind of catch to hold the bike up. I made a "T" out of 1" square tube and welded a 2" piece of angle to the top that I notched out. Then I ran a piece of 3/4" all-thread through the bottom of the tee and just put 2 nuts on the inside of the lower rails. That's the best I could come up with to hold up a bike as heavy as mine.

Jim from California -

Just a note (plus pictures) to let you know how satisfied I am with the lift I built with your plans.  I have less than $40.00 invested in a lift that works just as well as others I have seen selling for as much as three to four hundred dollars.  The one alteration I made was to add a bigger handle to the end where the bottle jack is located.  Thanks again!

Todd from Arizona -

Last week there was a brief post by a kind gent about the plans available for a DIY bike lift. I almost missed it as I was flying by all the softail and "fooled by Paul" posts :) I went to http://www.afabonline.com and liked what I saw. Turns out the owner just live across the valley from me in Glendale AZ. So I send for the plans ($20 +s&h), and they arrive in 2 days.  I purchased my steel for $26. I already had the bolts and a bottle jack but that would run you about $20 more.  The plans were easy to follow and it is a fun and quick project. I am lucky to have a horizontal band saw, mig welder, and drill press but you could do fine with a chop saw, buzz box welder, and a hand drill.  Before I trusted it to my Road King I slid it under my 1/2 ton Dodge truck and lifted the wheels off the ground....
Now I can get my bike 14+ inches in the air and it didn't cost a fortune.  If you call AFAB and order the plans please say "Todd Shepard Sent ya"  because he is coming out with plans for a table lift soon and I want to get in on that asap.

Gary from Iowa -

I ordered your plans for the motorcycle lift awhile back.  I got it made and I really like it.  With your plans it was simple to do.  I'm attaching a couple pictures you can use on your web site if you want.  My bike is a Honda Shadow Spirit 1000.  I'm glad I found  your plans so I could build this.  Thankyou.

Angel from California -

Hey dudes check this out, here I am with my bike and the lift me and my good friend "Zipperhead" built with your easy to follow instructions.   Thanks to you guys we were able to put it together in two after work sessions.   Not only did I save at least half of what one woulda cost, but I feel much better knowing I (er...we) built it.  "Keep it up", the good work that is.

Rich from New York -

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you.  I followed your well laid-out instructions and now have one really nice cycle lift.  I have given credit to your plans to all who have commented on the lift and will retain your URL (web address)  for any interested in ordering from you.

Terry from Iowa -

sent some pics of my Heritage on the lift it was easy to build with the detailed plans took only a few hours to complete works great thanks!

Don from Michigan -

Thank you very much for your quick response, I received the plans this morning, 5-18-99.  Glad to see there is still some honest people left out there.

George from Canada -

The plans arrived and I must say you did your homework, thanks.

Greg from Arizona -

Just a note to let you know that this lift is a winner! Took just a little time to put together. And let's face it. What can you buy for a Harley for 20 bucks anymore?   Thanks again.

Brush from California -

I received the plans I ordered on Monday the 7th and my bike was on the lift on Wednesday the 9th.  I work as a designer for a small machine shop.  I made all the parts myself and had one of the guys here weld it together for me.  Got to say it works great so far.  Going to add some casters later.  Will be sending you some pictures of it and my Sportster later.

Thanks for your prompt reply on my order.

O.J. from Arkansas -

Thanks for the great lift!

Here is a picture of my "Miss Kitty" on the lift in my messy garage.  She is a little low so I just roll her front wheel onto a 2x4 and then the lift can slide right under, then she is up in the air.  Easy plans to follow, and a great product!

Tom from Oregon -

The lift works great and I use it all the time.

Brush from California  -

I sure do like mine (lift) and I really don't know how I got along without one this long.  I do a lot of the work on my bike myself and this lift makes just about anything I do alot easier and enjoyable.  And after all if it's not fun it probably won't get done.

John from Indiana -

Thank you so much for your promptness. Received plans for Bike Lift today 9-24 after only placing order on 9-21,WOW,what a turn-around. If I am successful in convincing my wife that the assembly of device is "house work", then I should be sending photo of bike on lift no later than Monday. Either way, this will be an interesting weekend! I think I'll get her started on that 12 pack now. Thanks again.

Mark from Idaho -

A few weeks ago I bought your plans and built a lift.  Because my bike is a 99 Yamaha Venture, I had to make little lift blocks to clear the aluminum engine case which hangs below the frame.  The lift blocks are simple pieces of short channel welded to pieces of box tubing, and notched for frame clearance.  I then glued some rubber to the lift block saddles to somewhat protect the paint on the frame of the bike.  Thanks a lot, this is a great lift.  (Click Here to view the pictures)

Joe from Wisconsin -

I found it very easy to build my M/C Lift with your plans.  I clean my bike a lot and do my own oil changes so I will get a lot of use out of it, I showed it to a few friends, now they want me to build them one.  When I get time.  It only took me five beers to build it!  Thanks again...

Rhino from Oklahoma -

Thanks for the great plans, my riding buddies are very jealous!  This is my 1999 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 on my AFAB Lift.

Indy from Tennessee -

This is a picture of my 99 Road King Classic on my new lift built by my Dad with your plans.  Awesome Lift!  Thanks.

Lubie from Washington -

The Lift plans were excellent!  I had to make a few modifications here and there but the final product was perfect.  It took more than a twelve pack to build this lift but the detailed instructions were very easy to understand.  The reason it took so much more beer than you quoted is because I have a habit of admiring my work.  AFAB thank you for assisting me in fabricating such a high quality "Scooter Lift".

Jeff from Virginia -

"Thought I would drop you a line and tell you how satisfied I am with your lift. 50 bucks in hardware plus your plans made for a nice project.  Have included two photos of Big Red (99 FLHR) on top of Little Red (AFAB Lift).  Thanks for the help!"

Kevin from California -

Here are a couple of pictures of my 1999 Ultra Ground Pounder ST on my lift I made from your plans.  Works great!!

Keith from Texas -

The plans were easy to follow and the lift works great!

Ian from Canada -

Attached is a photo of my '86 1200 Aspencade.  Your plans worked great. I made up an adapter plate, and it seems to work well.  Thanks again for the great plans.

Gary from California -

Your plans were great.  The enclosed photos show the lift with a removable handle I put on and a safety latch on the side. I hope you do well.  The product is great.  I built the entire lift, metal, bolts, wheels, for about $60+.  Not to bad.

Mark from Oregon -

I am forwarding a photo of my completed lift and one of my Road Star on the lift.  It took a couple of days to complete and I made a few minor changes like the top lift rails are channel instead of angle iron and I made a safety catch that ratchets in as the lift is raised. The lift really works great.  Best thing is how study it is.  Keep up the good work.

Mike from Georgia -

Thanks for the great plans.  As simple minded as I am, it was very easy to construct the lift.  I actually built two, one for me and one for a friend who has a Honda Valkyrie.  Thanks again.

Paul from North Carolina -

Thank you for the lift plans.  The fabrication went and the final product does an excellent job.

Ken from New York -

I would like to thank you for the plans to build the motorcycle lift.  Your response was very fast and your plans where very easy to read and follow.

The "Chief" from North Carolina -

The Lift was a lot of fun to build and the time was about right except you failed to factor in the inverse proportionalism of mistakes, takes at least a beer and 1/2 + additional time for butt, and head scratching.  With mistakes about another 6 pack.

Peter from the United Kingdom -

Please find in the attachment two pictures of my F6C upon a lift created from your plans.  A friend of mine works for a heavy engineering company.  So the bottle jack is of 6 ton capacity and the cantilever uprights are solid steel. - This thing could lift the QE2!! - Great jack- Many thanks for your plans.  The pictures were scanned in hence the quality.   Now if I could just get my hands on a digital camera!- or perhaps plans of a digital camera?

Tom from South Dakota -

I bought your plans expecting it to cost me well over $50 in steel alone. To my surprise, I got ALL of the materials for $52.45 including a new jack.  I am very pleased with your plans and would recommend them to anyone who can weld or has a friend who can weld.  It was as easy as you stated.  Of course I was leary of putting my 900 lb. Goldwing on the lift.  It had no problems lifting the passenger side of my Blazer.  Once again, thank you.

Mike from Florida - 

Thanks for the speedy service on the bike plans.  The lift works great, had fun building and saved money too.  This one was made for a 1997 Vulcan Classic 1500.  Had to widen the lift 4 inches so it would fit on lift tabs and clear engine.  Thanks again - Mike.

Terry from Idaho -

This the lift I built with your plans (a year ago).  I have since built three for my riding buddy's.  Good plans make good lifts.  Thank you.

Crude from Texas - 

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed making and using the lift.  As you can see from the pictures, I added a couple of 2x2's (wood) with notches cut out to fit the Sportster frame.  Made the bike very stable on the lift. 

Dennis from Oklahoma -

I finished the I must say it works GREAT!!  It took a bit more than a 12 pack though.  I will keep checking your site to see if there is any other items of interest.  Thanks, it was money well spent.  

Doug from Washington -

Thank you for the plans you sent me, I found them easy to read, and easy to build.  I made very little changes.  This makes cleaning  and working on my V Star much easier.

Thanks to all the great people who have responded.

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