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 AFAB Motorcycle Table Lift Builders Testimonials

Dennis from AR -

I wanted to thank you for the great plans.  As you can see in the photos I made some modifications, not the least of which is the addition of hydraulics.  As I was building the table I had many other motorcycle enthusiasts friends over checking on the progress.  Two brothers that work in the logging industry said one night that I should make it hydraulic lift and noted how easy that would be to do.  My commit was, yes it would be easy at this stage to do that but I could not afford the components it would take to make that happen.  The next day one of the brothers brought me a hydraulic cylinder and the other brought a self contained 12 volt pump and reservoir.  As you can see it worked out great.  Needless to say these guys can use my lift anytime they want to!  I also added a cable mechanism to raise the safety catch from the same end as the controls to make it easier to lower.  It would be very easy to move the battery and use a floor jack as originally designed should the hydraulics ever fail.  Thanks again for the great plans.

Marv from CA -

Enclosed are photos of the Table Lift I completed a couple of weeks ago.  So far I am very pleased with the lift and the drawings you provided to make the lift.

Everyone that has seen the lift is pleased with its performance, size and looks.  It ended up that I was left to build the lift entirely by myself.  This is the first project that I have tackled from start to finish.

Thank you for your designs and drawings and I look forward to buying more designs from you in the future.

Sam from Texas -

I was very pleased with the way the lift came out.  The Plans were easy to follow and I just made a few modifications to fit my floor jack.  Thanks!  Here's a picture of the finished project with my '99 Victory.

Scott from CO -

I bought the plans for your table lift.  My father-in-law and I built it and attached are pictures of my bike and my wife's bike.  I made one change to the plans.  I added a diamond plated piece of steel on the top so that I could put the bikes on their center stand without marring the wood.  It works very well.  Thanks!

Toby from WA -

Here are the pictures you requested when my lift was complete.  I made a few changes including a 10ga. steel deck, both set of safeties, and a different clamp, I hope you approve.  The lift works great. Hope you like the photos and thanks for producing a great set of plans. 

Braidy from OR -

The new lift table has been a great help in our small engine shop.  Changing belts on the riding mowers is a snap now.  No more crawling on the floor for me.  My back thanks you!  The plans were clear and easy to follow.   I certainly recommend this project to anyone that needs a solid and affordable lift table.  Thanks!!.......Continue

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